February 17th, 2019

February 17th, 2019

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2019 season.  Had a great 3 1/2 weeks at Lake Falcon.  Did have a couple slow trips down there with the big cold fronts we got, but boy did we finish strong.  Come home and Ray Roberts has been great.  Again I couldn’t be more please with how 2019 has started.  I have had 4 customer catch a bass over 10lbs already.  2 of those being there first ever double digit bass and personal best.

David with his first every 10 was at Falcon and man look at the gut on this fish.

Sam had never fished Lake Falcon.  I picked him and his partner, David, up at the Laredo airport and we got on the water for a few hours of afternoon fishing.  2 hours later he got an 11lb beast.  What a start to their great trip.  He also got a 7lbr for his first fish the next morning.

That same morning Sam’s fishing partner David had never got a double digit bass.  Well about an hour after Sam got the 7, David got his first ever 10lb bass.  Awesome!  I may have been more excited than him, if that is possible.  These two guys have been fishing with me for probably 15 years.  I was so pumped for David.

Daniel had never fished Falcon before as well.  He got this awesome 9.3lb bass off a bed.  Yes we did some sight fishing at Falcon.  That lake isn’t know for that, but we did.  So much fun watching him catch his first ever bed fish.

So fast forward to getting back to Ray Roberts.  Had a new customer, Will.  Supper nice guy and to be honest probably the biggest man I have ever fished with.  He is also a super cool guy.  Fun to fish with and he knows what he is doing.  Had him two days in a row.  We had a great first day, figured would be tough to beat.  Was I wrong.  He landed this gaint.  12lbs 4oz.  Awesome fish. He had a 7 the day before too.

I had the pleasure to fish with Don yesterday.  A cold damp day.  He is 84 years young and still going strong and a joy to share the front deck with.

Make sure you check my Facebook and Instagram pages for up to date reports and pics.  Looking forward to a great 2019.

I also have my 2018 Ranger Z521C for sale.  My new boat should be here in a week or two.