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April 6th, 2019

The bass fishing this year on Ray Roberts has been very good.  At times it has been fantastic.  It has been fun for sure.  I hope it continues the rest of the year.  The lake is in really good shape.  The lake is at normal pool and we have some grass growing again in the lake. Here are some of the pics from the better fish we have caught this spring.  



February 17th, 2019

I couldn't have asked for a better start to the 2019 season.  Had a great 3 1/2 weeks at Lake Falcon.  Did have a couple slow trips down there with the big cold fronts we got, but boy did we finish strong.  Come home and Ray Roberts has been great.  Again I couldn't be more please with how 2019 has started.  I have had 4 customer catch a bass over 10lbs already.  2 of those being there first ever double digit bass and personal best.  


David with his first every 10 was at Falcon and man look at the gut on this fish. 


Sam had never fished Lake Falcon.  I picked him and his partner, David, up at the Laredo airport and we got on the water for a few hours of afternoon fishing.  2 hours later he got an 11lb beast.  What a start to their great trip.  He also got a 7lbr for his first fish the next morning.



That same morning Sam's fishing partner David had never got a double digit bass.  Well about an hour after Sam got the 7, David got his first ever 10lb bass.  Awesome!  I may have been more excited than him, if that is possible.  These two guys have been fishing with me for probably 15 years.  I was so pumped for David.  




Daniel had never fished Falcon before as well.  He got this awesome 9.3lb bass off a bed.  Yes we did some sight fishing at Falcon.  That lake isn't know for that, but we did.  So much fun watching him catch his first ever bed fish.  




So fast forward to getting back to Ray Roberts.  Had a new customer, Will.  Supper nice guy and to be honest probably the biggest man I have ever fished with.  He is also a super cool guy.  Fun to fish with and he knows what he is doing.  Had him two days in a row.  We had a great first day, figured would be tough to beat.  Was I wrong.  He landed this gaint.  12lbs 4oz.  Awesome fish. He had a 7 the day before too.   




I had the pleasure to fish with Don yesterday.  A cold damp day.  He is 84 years young and still going strong and a joy to share the front deck with.    




Make sure you check my Facebook and Instagram pages for up to date reports and pics.  Looking forward to a great 2019.


I also have my 2018 Ranger Z521C for sale.  My new boat should be here in a week or two.  



November 4th, 2018

What a wet fall it has been.  The lake is 5.93 high.  We only have two ramps open.  Isle du Bois state park, and the private ramp in the back of the marina.  You can launch at the private marina ramp for $5.  Hopefully they open the gates back up soon.  

The good news is, it hasn't messed up the fishing.  The black bass, sand bass and catfish are biting really well.  I haven't crappie fished, so no report on them.  The black bass like to get shallow this time of year, and now they have a ton of cover to get in.  It is a target rich enviroment, for fishing shallow.  Been catching them on a variety of baits.  Lots of soft plastics, but spinnerbaits, frogs and traps are working well at times.  

The sand bass are stacked up on the main lake on their normal deep ridges and humps.  They have been a little shallower on them than normal.  20-25 feet has been best last couple weeks.  

My bird poop catfishing is in full affect.  Been having some decent luck and the big ones are starting to show up.  Fun stuff if you haven't ever done it.  

Make sure and go follow my guide service instagram and facebook pages.  I post a lot more on there now.  

Here are some highlight pics from the last couple months.  


July 25th, 2018

Can't believe in just a few weeks Reese will be back in school.  Summer has flown by.  Fishing has been pretty good this summer as well.  The lake is a little low  1.20 feet.  With the heat and how dry it has been, I think we are in pretty good shape.  


This is a great time to get the kids out on the water before school.  The white bass have been biting really good the last couple weeks.  Some days the schooling action is crazy and days where it isn't, it hasn't been a problem to catch some big ones on slabs.  




The bass fishing has been ok for some bigger fish this summer.  The numbers haven't been there, but that is pretty normal for this time of year.  We have been catching most of them out deep, here in the last few weeks.  



May 16th, 2018

What a busy spring.  Falling down on the job of updating my fishing report on here.  I seem to post more pics on my facebook page, than here lately.  Ray Roberts is in really good shape right now.  We are just a little above normal pool.  The water clarity is really good, finally.  We even have some grass coming back.  The bass fishing has been off and on, it seems all spring.  We had some crazy weather in March and April.  Didn't stop us from putting some really good fish in the boat.  I have even ran some trips out to Possum Kingdom this spring and done well.  One thing I really like about that lake is you can still fish it, in a big strong wind.  So some of the days with crazy winds we ran out there.  Also, I like the fact you never know when you will hook up with a big striper on a bass bait.  Thats always fun.  Looking forward to the rest of May and June.  Right now I have 12 days left open in June.  



January 17th, 2018

Looking forward to another really good year on Roberts.  Off to a great start so far.  Not that I have been on the water much, but when we have we have caught some really nice bass.  The lake looks good.  Not too low.  Little over a foot or so.  Water temps are low to mid 40's, and that was before this front.  7 degrees here at the house this morning.  At least the sun is shining.  If your looking for a spring trip, you need to act fast.  I really don't have much left in March and April.  



September 11th, 2017

Almost half way thru September already.  This year has flown by.  Been a weird summer for me.  Most of my regular customers know I had to have elbow surgery in August, which kept me off the water for 3 weeks.  Surgery went well and should make all the difference for me.  It doesn't hurt to cast now like it did.  Just glad to be back working.  Those 3 weeks at home was not fun!!!



The lake is in great shape right now.  We are just a couple inches high and the water clarity is pretty good.  Fishing overall is pretty good too.  Just the black bass are little moody.  One day can be good, and the next not as much.  There are a lot of smaller schooling bass, that helps with our numbers, but some days they just don't school as well.  Still catching some nice fish too, just not too many.  I am starting to see some grass too and that is really going to help the overall bass fishing. 

The sand bass are stacked up on the end of ridges/points out on the main lake.  30-35 feet have been key.  There are a ton of crappie on the corp brush piles.  Just have to weed thru a bunch of unders to get at the keepers.



July 3rd, 2017

Hard to believe it is July already.  Boy has this year has flown by.  Been crazy busy too.  Make sure you check my facebook guide service page for updates.  Post pictures and such on there much more here lately.  

Lake Ray Roberts is in pretty good shape.  We are just a tad low and the water looks pretty good all over the lake.  Starting to see some grass coming back.  That's a really good thing.  I hope it takes off again.  It was really thick in places before the floods the last couple years.  Still seeing very few zebra mussels.  That's another good thing.  

The black fishing right now isn't all that great, even though there are still some big fish being caught.  Just doesn't mean there are a lot of fish being caught.  Kind of typical July/summer type deal.  The sand bass/white bass on the other hand are going crazy.  We have had some incredible spawns for them also.  The topwater bite is on big time.  Just have to run around to find them, cause it seems like the big school is in a different spot each day.  So be ready to burn some gas, unless you get lucky and find the big school early.  Clear baby torpedo will get you about as many fish as you want to catch.  Just have to weed thru some little ones to get the keepers.  The same is going for the crappie too.  Just have to weed thru all the little ones to get the keepers.  We have more little crappie now, than I think we ever have had.  Boads well for the future.  




April 30th, 2017

Can't believe April is over.  This spring is flying by so fast.  Got today off cause Mother Nature wanted to cool things off and let the wind blow up to 40mph.  Would have been miserable on the water.  It has been a weird spring.  The lake is just above pool.  The water clarity could be better.  With very limited grass and all this wind, it has it a little dirtier than normal.  We still have some black bass spawning, as we always do this time of year.  The shad spawn has been going on now for a couple weeks and I have to believe we have no shortage of shad in the lake.  Bodes well for all of our fish.  The bass fishing has been pretty good at times, and of course others not as much.  Sometimes the wind just won't let us fish where we need to or how we need to.  Other times these Roberts bass just won't eat.  For the most part we are focusing on post-spawn fish right now.  Getting some topwater and squarebll action early, then mainly using plastics rest of the day.  Anything with watermelon in it is a good choice.  May is shaping up to be a really good month. 


Right now the sand bass and crappie are biting really well.  The sandies are pretty easy too.  Just look for the birds, especially in the mornings around the many windy points we have most days.  They will be really shallow too.  Anything shiny and moving will get bit.  Heck we even have been getting some on our Carolina rigs.  The crappie have really moved out on the standing timber and brush piles. 


I still have a few openings in May.  Some half days, but a couple full days towards the end of the month.


Here are some highlights from the last few weeks.  Even got some really good smallmouth in the mix.  Brad (aka...Bronzeback Brad) got him a 5lb smallmouth.  He gave himself the nickname, so not sure it counts :)



March 24th, 2017

Been a busy, warm and windy month so far.  The lake level is good.  Right at full pool.  The water clarity is ok.  It isn't very clear, kind of cloudy in places from all the wind.  Without the grass along the shoreline, it muddies up a bit from the wind.  The fishing has been pretty consistent most of the month.  Have had some really good days, and some slower.  The bass are in all stages of the spawn right now.  The next few weeks should be some of the better fishing of the year.  Here lately we have been targeting the spawning fish.  We have caught them on all sorts of baits.  Even had a few topwater fish.  Bass Champs is April 1st and it will take a heck of a bag of fish to win. 


The sand bass are doing just as well.  Easy limits right now and you can be picky on the ones you keep.  They are in the mouths of the major creeks.  Easy to find right now to, just look for the gulls.  The crappie are in the shallows.  We have been catching them while bass fishing. 


I have a couple half days still open or should I say that opened back up.  Shoot me an email and I can get the dates. 


Trying to figure out why my pics are showing up sideways on a cell phone, but not when viewed from a desktop.  Sorry.


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February 4th, 2017

Can't believe it is almost spring.  Getting real busy for me is right around the corner.  Just got back from a couple weeks on Lake Falcon.  I have always enjoyed going down there.  This time was no different, except the fishing was off compared to last couple years.  The weather just killed us.  Those fish down there don't like 59 degree water temps.  The wind was brutal most days.  Did get a couple really nice days though.  Even though the numbers were not there for us, we did get some better fish for sure and one personal best for a client.  David's personal best before was 8lbs.  He caught a 9 1/2 lb beauty, then followed it up the next day with a 8lb 10oz fish.  So really he had two better than his previous best.  Fun times for sure.  We had a couple other 8's and some 7's, but not much other.  As usual down there we needed to find rock.  The lake is down 32 feet, so a lot of the rock was on the bank that we normal fish.  There was still ton to be fished though.  For me the most consistent bite was the shallower off shore rock.  Even as shallow as 4 feet, on some humps with rock.  6XD and Carolina rigs provided most of the better bites, but the biggest came on a trap.  Not something you think of when you think of Falcon, but I have done very well down there in the past around shallow rock before on traps.  Worked out great for David this time. 


Roberts is in great shape to start the year.  The lake is at normal pool.  Let's hope for no floods this year! 


Make sure you check out my guide service page on Facebook, as I post pics and updates on there more often. 


Thanks again as always.  2016 was my second busiest year guiding and it is cause of you guys.  Thanks.



July 26th, 2016

Been a little while since I posted some pics and info about the lake.  Just got home from a great vacation in Hawaii and taking the time to finally update the site.  Amy's parents were celebrating their 50th anniversary and took the family with them.  What a great gift for us.  Reese had a ball.  Even got to do some fishing while there and caught my first tuna.  What an awesome animal.  Here are a couple pics.  The first one you can see just how big it was.  It was almost as long as I am tall.  Our guide said it was a 140lb class tuna.  It took us both to drag it over the side of the boat.  Man was I beat after fighting it, and Amy and Blake even helped out for a bit.  The old fishing elbow was sure barking after that. 




The lake is back to normal level finally.  This year it has been up for most of the year.  At least it wasn't closed, like last year because of the high water.  I do believe again this year, we had a great spawn because of the high water.  The next few years should be fun.  If this fall is anything like last fall, the fishing should be very good. The black bass are in there summer haunts right now.  The bigger fish are out deep, but can still get numbers up shallow around the flooded willows.  Those bushes can really hold some fish.  The white bass are doing there thing.  This is the time of year to get on the schooling action.  Here are a few pics from the last month or so. 


April 29th, 2016

The lake is on the rise again.  Reminds me of last year at this time.  Lets hope May isn't as wet.  We are 2.5 feet high.  More rains scheduled for today.  The water clarity is actually very good, with the water coming up.  They haven't been letting any out, and we had 4 days with no wind and that really helped.


The fishing has been really good at times the last few weeks.  The black bass are still spawning in some areas of the lake.  There are a lot of fish done.   With the water being up, there is a ton of places for them to hide.  Should set up for another great spawn, like last year.  Plenty of places for the fry to hide and survive. 


The sand bass are going crazy right now on points in the mornings.  Easy and quick limits of big sandies are to be had.  After that morning bite slows, you can find them with slabs out deeper.  May even run into a big catfish. 



March 30th, 2016

The lake is currently 2.27 feet high.  They are slowly releasing some water.  The water is actually in pretty good shape, color wise.  Some creeks are better than others though.  It doesn't seem to matter if the fish are biting there though.  Water temps are running in the low 60's.  We have a lot of fish spawning right now, so the shallow bite has been good.  Some better fish have shown up.  With the lake being up, there is plenty of shallow bushes to target. 


The sand bass are going crazy.  The gulls have been working hard in the mouth of some of the creeks.  It is easy right now to get a limit, once you get on them.  Either a 1oz slab or a trap will work.  Throw the trap when you are marking the fish up off the bottom. 



New Lake Record Largemouth - March 7, 2015

WOW!!!!!  What an incredible experience, for myself and I know for Shannon and his new Lake Ray Roberts record largemouth bass catch.  What a beautiful fish she was too - weighing in at 15.18lbs.  It has been crazy since Saturday when he caught her.  I am just now able to catch up a little.  I will get the site updated a bit more too.  The lake is still low.  We are sitting right at 7 feet low and the water is still very cold.  44-48 degrees.  But, as you can tell it hasn't slowed the big fish down from eating.  So far, the new Triton and Mercury have done one heck of a job of getting us to the fish.  All my buddies are telling me "see you should have switched to Triton a long time ago".  Crazy. 


Here are a few quick pics.  The last 3 days we have had some big fish.  Will get some more info on here hopefully later today, if not tomorrow evening.  Fixing to head back to the lake.


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