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February 4, 2016

Spring is right around the corner.  Lake Ray Roberts is currently 3 1/2 feet high.  They did finally begin to open back up the ramps, from this last flood.  The lake is going to be in much different shape this spring, compared to the last few.  Should have another great spawn with all the new cover along the shoreline.  Will provide great cover for the fry. 


I am heading back down to Falcon for a couple weeks.  Good to be going back down there with customers.  Really looking forward to it.  Falcon is a little over 15 feet low, which is way up from the last couple times I was down there.  From the reports they have been catching a bunch of fish.  Now we just have to try and find the better fish. 


My 2015 Triton 22TRX is for sale.  Anyone interested give me a call or shoot me an email, for details.


Make sure and like my Get Bit Guide Service Facebook page and also on Instagram. 


Thanks again for all your support.  Looking forward to another busy spring. 



November 28, 2015

What a crazy year with the rain.  We are back up to 3.65 feet high and rising.  Probably going to have some ramps closed again, by the end of the weekend.  Crazy!  I believe it is officially the wettest year ever recorded in the DFW area, since they have kept records anyway.  Of course this time of year I really start to slow down, unlike the floods in May and June.  Those hurt :).  Cold muddy water isn't fun to fish.  Fishing has been good also.  Easy limits of sandies, and catching some big bass.  Water temps had finally cooled off to 60 degrees on the main lake.  I still think we can find some big fish in December, but will definitely have to work hard for them.  The saving grace this time of year is Squaw Creek.  That power plant lake has been fishing really good.  So we can still get on a number of fish, but just has to be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 



October 20, 2015

What a crazy year this has been.  The lake is already back down 6 inches, and dropping.  Looks like they are calling for some pretty heavy rains this weekend, so maybe we can come back up.  The water color is really good around the lake, but not quite as clear as last year at this time.  The flood seems to actually have slowed the Zebra Mussels down.  It is crazy how many are on the trees that are sticking out of the water.  They spread fast in that high water.  We have had one of the greatest spawns I have ever seen on the lake.  There are small fish everywhere.  The next few years our numbers caught should go up.  This fall we are doing quite well with the numbers.  The size is finally starting to show back up.  The next couple months should be fun.  The shallow bite is really starting to pick up.  With all the vegeation that grew on the bank with the lake low, we now have plenty of cover on the bank.  The fish love it too.  Plenty of places for them to hide and grow big.  Squaw creek time is here also.  It is a fun lake to fish in the colder months.  As you can see from the pics below, the sand bass and catfishing is going great.  Great time of the year to fill up the freezer. 


Also next spring has really started to book up fast.  As of today I only have 5 days left open next March.  About half of April is gone already.  That big fish has folks wanting to get on the books early. 



September 12, 2015

Fall is in the air today.  High in the low 80's, and suppose to be 58 when we start tomorrow morning.  Looks like it will warm back up mid-week, but it won't be long before it cools back off.  These cooler nights is what is really going to help cool the water temps.  The fishing has already improved over what it was a couple weeks ago.  The gates have been just barely open the last few weeks and that helps.  We are just under a foot high.  The lake looks great.  There is so much shallow cover now on the lake.  All the bushes that grew up with the lake being low for a few years, has sure helped.  I am really looking forward to fall on Ray Roberts.  I even managed a smallmouth yesterday.  A 5 1/2 pound beauty.  We don't have many in the lake, but it seems like I catch more smallies in September than I do any other time of the year.  The sand bass and crappie have been biting really good.  The schooling action is mostly over.  They are starting to stack up on the deep points and ridges.  Make sure you watch out for those hooks.  Sam here had a sand bass get the best of him.  Ouch!




I have my 2015 Triton 22TRX for sale.  Contact me for more information.  It has been run all year with a wrap on it.  Here is a pic before the wrap. 



Boat ramps are opening

Great news.  3 of our ramps on Roberts opened today.  Jordan, Sanger and Pond opened.  It shouldn't be too long, with the rate we are dropping, before others open.  I want to thank the marina for being such great neighbors and opening up their ramp.  It sure helped my business, by being able to get on the lake. 


The sand bass are still going nuts.  Should last for another 5-6 weeks.  Great time to fill the freezer and get the kids on some fish. 





July 19, 2015

Quick update.  We are about two weeks away from all the ramps being open.  The marina ramp is still the only ramp on the lake.  The weekends are crazy, but not bad if you get off the water early (half day). 


The sand bass have started to go nuts.  Better late than never.  They are trying to make up for lost time.  Great time to get the kids on some fish.  The channel cats are also biting really well.  If you want to put some fish in the freezer for a fish fry this is the time. 






June 22, 2015

Man what a crazy year.  Start off the year a little slow with a couple winter time procedures.  Then March gets here and set the new lake record.  Cloud 9....  Well mother nature gets even with a 100, if not 1000 year flood.  The lake is still almost 10 feet high.  I am able to still get on the lake.  It was closed for a couple weeks, but we are in business on Ray Roberts again.  The fishing has been weird.  By that I mean, it is like learning a new lake.  I have found some fish though.  It was real spotty at first, but starting to get things dialed in.  If we can drop back down a couple feet that will helps things a ton.  As you can imagine the fish are not getting much pressure at all right now.  There is more ski boats out than fisherman. 

Looking forward to July.  The sand bass, should start doing their thing.  Which is always fun.  The black bass will be moving to their deep spots, but we will still be able to get a good shallow bite.  With all the new cover they have everything they will want.  This whole situation has hurt, no doubt about that.  Lost quiet a bit of business.  However, this will be so good for the lake.  I am seeing more bait and small bass in the lake, then I have in years.  We must of had a very successful spawn this year.  All this abundant cover is just what we needed. 

Here are some of the pics I have taken around the lake.  The bridge is in Indian, Ilse du Bois ramp/cleaning station, the Buck Creek stairs, and Jordan ramp.




Shannon Elvington, his girlfriend, Amy and myself attended the Texas ShareLunker and Awards banquet in Athens, where he received his replica and Angler of the Year award and prizes.  What a great even put on by TP&W. 




Here are some of the fish pics from the last few weeks.



May 26, 2015

What a crazy year it has been.  The lake is now a little over 10 feet high.  I can still launch from the marina, or could before this last rise.  However the fishing has really been off, for the most part.  We have had a couple good days mixed in.  Most of the time I am trying to fish other lakes.  Been fishing Squaw Creek on the weekends and even made a couple runs over to East Texas on Fork and Monticello.  The fishing over there has been good.  Squaw this weekend was good.  Even caught some fish off beds.  The fishing on Roberts should get a lot better when it drops.  Those fish will pull out to the edges of the cover, where we can get to them.  With all the new cover this fall should be really good.  Just have to hang in there and see what happens with this water. 






New sponsor




Would like to welcome my newest sponsor Under Armour. 

April 11, 2015

Been a busy spring so far.  The lake is up a bit this spring and winter.  We are only 5 1/2' low.  Still quiet a bit low, but much better shape then the last few years.  There is a ton of flooded growth along the shorelines.  There is plenty of cover for the fry and shad to survive this spawn.  Boads well for the future of the lake.  When the lake does fill, it will be like a new lake again with all the stuff that has grown.  Right now there are bass in every stage of the spawn.  I am seeing more and more spawned out fish caught.  This week, we had a bunch of nice fish caught, including the 6th double digit bass caught in my boat.  Fun times when customers catch their first one.  Their are many different baits we caught fish on this week, but soft plastics accounted for most of the bites.  Fishing a weightless senko type bait or fluke has been best, when the wind would allow it.  You just have to fish slow.  They are also biting a Gene Larew Lizard flipped around shallow timber.  The millfoil has taken off the last two weeks.  A trap worked over and around it is starting to produce as well.  Topwater time is here as well.  We are not catching numbers, but some quality bites on it. 

We are starting to catch the sand bass up shallow on points in the mornings.  I haven't specifically targeted them yet, as been busy with the green fish.  But it will not be long, that a good limit can be caught on shallow points in the mornings.  Look for the birds lined up on the points. 


Here are some highlights from the last few weeks. 



New Lake Record Largemouth - March 8, 2015

WOW!!!!!  What an incredible experience, for myself and I know for Shannon and his new Lake Ray Roberts record largemouth bass catch.  What a beautiful fish she was too - weighing in at 15.18lbs.  It has been crazy since Saturday when he caught her.  I am just now able to catch up a little.  I will get the site updated a bit more too.  The lake is still low.  We are sitting right at 7 feet low and the water is still very cold.  44-48 degrees.  But, as you can tell it hasn't slowed the big fish down from eating.  So far, the new Triton and Mercury have done one heck of a job of getting us to the fish.  All my buddies are telling me "see you should have switched to Triton a long time ago".  Crazy. 


Here are a few quick pics.  The last 3 days we have had some big fish.  Will get some more info on here hopefully later today, if not tomorrow evening.  Fixing to head back to the lake.


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Feb 4, 2015

I know spring fever is in full affect for me.  Unfortunately for me, I have been stuck in the house this winter more than I would ever care to.  Two different surgeries this winter definitely slowed me down, more than I cared for.  Good thing is I should get the all clear from the surgeon on the 9th to get back to work.  Thank goodness no major surgeries, but enough to keep me from being able to bounce around in a boat.  Just wanted to let you know why no reports. 


The good thing is March is almost here and my dates are filling up.  Still have dates for March and April.  As you know weekends go first, it seems.  I have just a couple left going into May.  Looking forward to another good year on Roberts.  I should have my new Triton 22TRX by the end of this month.  Can't wait to break in the new office. 


If you know anyone in the market for a boat, I still have my 2014 Legend for sale.  Will make someone a great deal. 


Thanks as always.


Election day report

Already went and voted today, in the rain.  Yes it is raining.  Hope it is the start of a rainy fall and winter.  We are about 7 1/2 feet low.  Water temps yesterday were in the low to mid 60's on Ray Roberts.  The grass is in the best shape I have seen in a very long time.  We even have a few places of hydrilla.  Let's hope it takes over.  The bass fishing has been hit and miss this late summer and fall so far.  Hope with this cooler weather things pick back up.  Now at Squaw Creek, it is a completely different story.  That lake has been putting out some great numbers and some big fish.  We had a 7 in our boat Saturday and a 9 was weighed in Sunday.  The best part has been the number of fish we are catching.  They have had their feed bag on.  The best bait for us has been the new Tattle Tail worm from Gene Larew.  That thing will flat catch them.  Both on a shaky head and a carolina rig.  Of course the Blue Fleck power worm still works as well.  That lake is only open to boats Fri - Sunday.  I still have a couple days left in November for down there, and some in December as well. 


The blue cats are biting really well on Roberts.  I have had several trips this past two weeks and have cleaned a bunch of fish.  We do catch some nice channels mixed in as well.  The white bass are still biting really well and the crappie fishing picked up some too.  This is a great time of year to fill the freezer with some fillets. 



October 14, 2014

Hard to believe it is already fall and has felt like it a few times.  Still pretty warm overall for this time of year.  We have even received some rain, but not enough to bring the lake up any, buy maybe slowed down the decent.  We are just over 7 feet low.  As always use caution when running the upper end of the lake.  Even some hazards on the main lake.  Just watch your map for the long points that run out into the lake.  Those same long points hold fish too.  The grass is in great shape and starting to hold some nicer bass.  For the most part, all of our bass have been coming shallow of late.  Lipless cranks around the outside edge of the grass is producing.  Also a chatterbait work over the grass.  And we are even starting to catch some fish on frogs.  The sand bass are stacking up on the main lake ridges.  Look for the gulls, even if they are just setting on the water, make sure you go graph around them.  They are never far from a meal.  1oz slabs worked off the bottom in 25-30 feet of water will work on them.  It won't be long and the catfish bite will be picking up, also.



September 8, 2014

Summer is almost gone.  After this Wednesday the 10 day forecast looks great.  Hope we get some of the rain they are calling for.  The lake is a little over 6 1/2 feet low, and dropping.  Would love to see the lake come up about 3 feet and put some water in the new growth on the bank for the fall bite.  Fishing has been good on Ray Roberts.  Just depends on what kind of fish you are after.  There are some black bass to be caught, but nothing of any real size.  That will change as the lake cools too.  The white bass and catfish are still biting great.  Haven't crappie fished myself, but I have heard it is still tough right now.  That too should change. 

The black bass we have been catching are either in the grass or on the edge of the grass.  Topwaters early have produced the best for us.  Spook type baits and pop-r's.  Once the sun gets up we are focusing on main lake brush piles and rock piles.  Those bites are few, but tend to be the better fish.  12" Gene Larew El Salto worms Texas rigged thru the brush is working best.  I like the Texas rig better on the piles, they don't seem to get hung up near as much as a C-rig. 

Look the for the white bass between Culp Is and the marina.  There are some schools starting to work on the East side as well.  Those should get bigger as fall aproaches.  The catfish have been biting well on baited holes.  Sure shot punch bait and Danny Kings are working great. 


July 31, 2014

Sorry for the delay in updating the site.  Had some serious problems with my old Hosting Service.  Got switched over to a new one and good to go. 


The lake is actually on the rise again.  We are up 1 1/2 feet since yesterday.  There should be enough water now, in the new growth on the bank, to hold fish.  The black bass fishing may be about to get good.  It usually takes a couple days before the bass really get in there.  Lets hope it just keeps moving up.  Wouldn't have thought the lake would have come up 3 feet in the month of July.  We are still 6 feet low however.  Once these bass get in there it should be a spinnerbait, buzzbait, and swimjig bite.  The sand bass are still doing there thing.  They have been schooling really well now for a couple weeks.  Great time for the kids to catch a bunch of fish and to fill the freezer.  If you like catfish, this is a great time as well.  As I did last year, we are catching some nice cats around the birds.  It is a really fun bite. 



June 12, 2014

The lake continues to slowly fall.  It is almost 9 feet low.  Fishing continues to be good however.  All the ramps are still open, except Jordan park has the two outside lanes closed.  There are still 2 there that are usable.  Be careful on the main lake where long points stick out.  There is plenty of places to be careful out on the main lake now.  Also some of the corp brush piles, have stumpsthat are just below the surface.


The new Gene Larew Tattle Tail has been working very well for me lately.  Fishing it on a shaky head or small Texas rig.  Topwater is still producing some for us early.  Buzzbaits and pop-r's.  The deep water bite is finally warming up.  So Carolina rigs, and football heads are working as well. 


The sand bass and crappie have been off and on.  The sandies are trying to start to school in limited areas, and aren't staying up long at all.  They are mainly chasing very small shad.  Clear torpedoes have worked the best.  Still catching the crappie on jigs, but last couple times out it was a tough bite. 


9-14 sandies9-14bass9-14brad9-14brian9-14chris9-14chuck9-14crappie9-14dg9-14dg19-14dg29-14jason9-14jim9-14mark9-14sam9-14michael9-14shane9-14shane39-14shne2

May 8, 2014

Fishing continues to be good.  May is one of my favorite times of the year.  You can go out and catch any kind of fish you want.  For the most part they are all shallow too.  The bass have finished their spawn, well for the most part.  There are still some late spawners.  The topwater bite in the morings the last week or so has been really good at times.  We have caught them on buzzbaits, pop-r's, and spook type baits.  Points and grass have been the key.  After the morning bite is over, we are switching to soft plastics.  Texas rigged Hoo Daddy Jr flipped around standing timber is producing some of the larger bass.  Flukes and senko type baits will still catch some shallow around the grass.  The Carolina rig bite is picking up, as well.  Secondary points and tree lines are holding a lot of fish. 

The sand bass are busy.  Early in the mornings they seem to be everywhere.  Secondary points and main lake points are holding a lot of shallow fish.  Tie on your favorite moving bait, and get busy.  Limits have been easy to come by. 


April 27, 2014

Hard to believe it is already the end of April.  Time flies when you are busy.  The lake is in good shape, except for the low water.  The grass is doing great, and the water has really cleared up.  Overall the fishing is really good now too.  The sand bass have really put on their feed bags.  Look for them early in the day on windy points.  Watch for the Herrons to be on the bank.  That is always a good sign.  The crappie are still in the shallows as well.  This week, we caught a couple while bass fishing on flukes.  The black bass fishing is really good right now.  Had a slow day with the small front we had, but overall it is good.  One of my long time customers, Colby, caught a true giant this week.  Just a little over 12lbs.  Congrats.  We still have a lot of fish spawning.  There are so many different patterns working now.  We have even caught some fish this week on a frog.  That is a lot of fun.  Looking forward to the month of May.  It should be some great fishing.



April 14, 2014

Setting here typing a report, and listening to the 40moh North winds blow.  Mother nature has been rough on us this spring.  The fishing has been really good though.  Will just have to see tomorrow how it plays out.  The lake is still dropping slowly.  The recent rains haven't done anything for the lake.  Just be careful up North.  However this is a great time to get out there and mark yourself some boat lanes, for when the lake does come back up.

The bass fishing has been really good.  We have had a lot of fish spawn.  Still a bunch to come though.  Soft plastics have been working the best.  Gene Larew Salt Flickr', senko type baits, and flukes are working well around shallow grass with timber.  Chatterbiats and spinnerbaits have worked well for us at times also.  Starting to fish more of the post spawn type areas and have done well.  With the full moon this week, we will have another big wave move up, as it warms.  The chatterbait has also worked on the catfish.  Jason caught a 20lb blue cat, that bit it right at the boat.  I also caught a very nice smallmouth on it this week.

The sandbass are on the shallow sandy points.  Just about any windy point we have fished this week, had sand bass on it.  I am also starting to see the Herrons and Egrets line up on those points.  If you are looking for sand bass, that is a good place to start. 

May is starting to fill up.  I still have some dates left, but am 2/3 full. 

Thanks for all the support.  Good luck out there.


April 6, 2014

Sitting here watching it rain. We really need some water. Hate not being on the lake, but that is just how it can be this time of year. Fishing has really been good the last couple weeks. Finally some warm weather, and it made all the difference. 

The sand bass are finally showing up.  We have caught them pretty good, the couple times I got to fish for them.  They are full of eggs and ready to go.  The shallow point bite will be really good this year, with the low water level.

The blass bass are doing their thing.  Lot of fish on beds this week.  Got our first double digit of the year.  The shallow bite has been on.  Edges of grass and flipping shallow timber worked well for us.  There is still a lot of fish to move up, so still focusing on pre-spawn fish is a good bet also.


March 23, 2014

Sorry about all the random - computer problems.

I know it is officially spring time already, but you sure can't tell.  This winter was brutal on the lake.  We normally have had our first spawn by now, but not this year.  We finally got some shallow fish late this week.  Of course with the cold water, Squaw Creek has been nice.  Power plants help make it through the winter :)  Ray Roberts is also very low.  Not as bad as some lakes around us, but with the amount of standing timber we have, it is dangerous.  Most of our normal running lanes have stumps in them.  Just be careful North of the island.  The main lake is mainly okay to run, just don't run to close to the points. 

The bass fishing is finally picking up.  There have been some good fish being caught, just not the numbers we normally see.  In fact the numbers all around had been down, until late this week.  Most of the lake had warmed to the upper 50's and it made a big difference.  Of course we will get some nights early this week in the 30's and that will drop it back down a bit.  Those fish that moved up with just drop back to the first drop or get on the standing timber.  Early this week there should be a good flipping bite.  We have been flipping Gene Larew Hoo Daddy JR's and Senko's.  Mainly using watermelon type colors.  There hasn't been one specific color out perform the others.  Main thing is just getting it in front of them.  The chatterbait, spinnerbait and trap bite had picked up as well.  I think it will jump right back up later this week as it warms.  Outside grass edges has been key for these.  At Squaw Creek we are still mainly Carolina Rigging plastics.  Salt Flickr's and 7" Power worms are working best.  There has been a decent crankbait bite early as well.  With the regular lakes warming, it isn't getting near the pressure it was.  I am probably done down there as well, until fall. 

The whites and crappie have been slow as well.  I haven't fished for them myself, but others guides are telling me it has been tough.  With the low water levels this year, the sand bass are going to spawn heavy on the shallow wind blown sandy points.  Watch for the herrons to line the bank.  That is always a good sign. 



December 23, 2013

Well another year is almost over. Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks again for making 2013 another really good year for Amy, myself, Ryan and Reese. Of course we are lucky to still have Ryan. What a crazy fall it has been. Sorry for not updating the site enough.

We just continue to drop. We did come up just a little with this last rain, but not enough to really help. We are still down 7 1/2 feet. I have seen it come back up over the winter, so there is still hope before spring gets here. If it does come back up, there will be plenty of new growth for the fish to get in. I have been spending a lot of time at Squaw Creek this fall. Fishing down there has been good, for the most part. Had a couple of slower than normal days. Overall the fishing has been good. Lot of good quality bass caught.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks again

The Goldens




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