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April 14, 2014

Setting here typing a report, and listening to the 40moh North winds blow.  Mother nature has been rough on us this spring.  The fishing has been really good though.  Will just have to see tomorrow how it plays out.  The lake is still dropping slowly.  The recent rains haven't done anything for the lake.  Just be careful up North.  However this is a great time to get out there and mark yourself some boat lanes, for when the lake does come back up.

The bass fishing has been really good.  We have had a lot of fish spawn.  Still a bunch to come though.  Soft plastics have been working the best.  Gene Larew Salt Flickr', senko type baits, and flukes are working well around shallow grass with timber.  Chatterbiats and spinnerbaits have worked well for us at times also.  Starting to fish more of the post spawn type areas and have done well.  With the full moon this week, we will have another big wave move up, as it warms.  The chatterbait has also worked on the catfish.  Jason caught a 20lb blue cat, that bit it right at the boat.  I also caught a very nice smallmouth on it this week.

The sandbass are on the shallow sandy points.  Just about any windy point we have fished this week, had sand bass on it.  I am also starting to see the Herrons and Egrets line up on those points.  If you are looking for sand bass, that is a good place to start. 

May is starting to fill up.  I still have some dates left, but am 2/3 full. 

Thanks for all the support.  Good luck out there.


April 6th, 2014

Sitting here watching it rain. We really need some water. Hate not being on the lake, but that is just how it can be this time of year. Fishing has really been good the last couple weeks. Finally some warm weather, and it made all the difference. 

The sand bass are finally showing up.  We have caught them pretty good, the couple times I got to fish for them.  They are full of eggs and ready to go.  The shallow point bite will be really good this year, with the low water level.

The blass bass are doing their thing.  Lot of fish on beds this week.  Got our first double digit of the year.  The shallow bite has been on.  Edges of grass and flipping shallow timber worked well for us.  There is still a lot of fish to move up, so still focusing on pre-spawn fish is a good bet also.


March 23rd, 2014

Sorry about all the random - computer problems.

I know it is officially spring time already, but you sure can't tell.  This winter was brutal on the lake.  We normally have had our first spawn by now, but not this year.  We finally got some shallow fish late this week.  Of course with the cold water, Squaw Creek has been nice.  Power plants help make it through the winter :)  Ray Roberts is also very low.  Not as bad as some lakes around us, but with the amount of standing timber we have, it is dangerous.  Most of our normal running lanes have stumps in them.  Just be careful North of the island.  The main lake is mainly okay to run, just don't run to close to the points. 

The bass fishing is finally picking up.  There have been some good fish being caught, just not the numbers we normally see.  In fact the numbers all around had been down, until late this week.  Most of the lake had warmed to the upper 50's and it made a big difference.  Of course we will get some nights early this week in the 30's and that will drop it back down a bit.  Those fish that moved up with just drop back to the first drop or get on the standing timber.  Early this week there should be a good flipping bite.  We have been flipping Gene Larew Hoo Daddy JR's and Senko's.  Mainly using watermelon type colors.  There hasn't been one specific color out perform the others.  Main thing is just getting it in front of them.  The chatterbait, spinnerbait and trap bite had picked up as well.  I think it will jump right back up later this week as it warms.  Outside grass edges has been key for these.  At Squaw Creek we are still mainly Carolina Rigging plastics.  Salt Flickr's and 7" Power worms are working best.  There has been a decent crankbait bite early as well.  With the regular lakes warming, it isn't getting near the pressure it was.  I am probably done down there as well, until fall. 

The whites and crappie have been slow as well.  I haven't fished for them myself, but others guides are telling me it has been tough.  With the low water levels this year, the sand bass are going to spawn heavy on the shallow wind blown sandy points.  Watch for the herrons to line the bank.  That is always a good sign. 




Well another year is almost over. Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks again for making 2013 another really good year for Amy, myself, Ryan and Reese. Of course we are lucky to still have Ryan. What a crazy fall it has been. Sorry for not updating the site enough.

We just continue to drop. We did come up just a little with this last rain, but not enough to really help. We are still down 7 1/2 feet. I have seen it come back up over the winter, so there is still hope before spring gets here. If it does come back up, there will be plenty of new growth for the fish to get in. I have been spending a lot of time at Squaw Creek this fall. Fishing down there has been good, for the most part. Had a couple of slower than normal days. Overall the fishing has been good. Lot of good quality bass caught.

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks again

The Goldens


September 25th, 2013

The old lake just continues to shrink.  Be very careful and take your time in the timber. Also make sure and watch your map/depth on the main lake. Some of the flats and points are getting to shallow to run. Watch outfor the big flat that run East/West just South of Lick. On the very end of it is some old foundations and they are just under the surface. Inches deep. Would probablytake a motor clean off. They way we have been dropping they will be sticking out of the water pretty quick.Other than low water, the lake is doing great. The fishinghas been good. The water temps are dropping and the fish are on the move.

September is turning into the month of the smallmouth. Bass fishing the last week has produced some smallies. 4 in a little over a week. The good thing is they must have had a good spawn cause 3 of the 4 were around a pound. Lets hope they take off. I did manage to catch my personal best smallmouth yesterday. 6lb 2oz beauty. What a shocker to catch that fish. We have been catching our bass on a variety of baits. It seems to change daily. But for the most part they are on a shad pattern. Just pick your poison and give it a try. We have caught them on spooks, pop-r's, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, traps, swimbaits, shaky head and c-rig's. Look for the bait. The fish aren't far behind. The bait and fish have moved shallow too. They are heading into the creeks as well. This next front will really push them in.

The sand bass are still biting really well also.Of course most times of theyear they are eating. It has been easy to get limits. The catfish bite under the birds is still working. Only fished a couple days for them. Calmer days are better!

Looking forward to some jacket weather!




August 19, 2013
Hard to believe we are almost done with August.  Fall is right around the corner.  It has really been a nice summer though.  Just a couple of hot spells, but for the most part it has been nice.  We still need some water in the lake.  We are a little over 5 1/2 feet low.  The few showers we have got over the summer have sure made the shoreline grass take off.  When the lake does fill, the shallow bite should be incredible.  There will be flooded stuff all over the lake.  The grass on the lake right now is hurting.  I had a chance to go and check on some of the grass up North and it is almost all gone.  Not what I was hoping to find.  There is still some, but with the lake dropping the way it is it will be on the bank before long. 

The sand bass fishing has been really strong of late.  They are still schooling early and late.  The slab bite has been the best though, for quality keeper sandies.  It hasn't been hard getting a limit each time out.  We may have to bounce around and find them, but when we do it is lights out.  There is a pic below of my graph where we got over the top of some deep sandies.  You couldn't get your slab to the botom. 

The black bass fishing has been good this summer as well.  At least, for it being summer time.  Still catching some early on topwaters.  The best bite for the bigger fish this summer have come on the big new Strike King 10XD crankbait.  It will wear you out.  With fall aproaching Squaw Creek will start up here in October.  Already got a few trips booked down there.  Remember it is only open to boats on Fri - Sun.  So space is limited.  Last fall/winter was great down there and hoping for the same this year.  

For those that like to come to Ray Roberts with me in the fall and catch the big cats, well I found a summer spot to catch them the same way.  Yesterday we got 35 in the boat in a little over an hour.  Biggest was 20lbs.  I am not sure how long it will last.  We are fishing a different kind of bird.  They were here last summer, but I didn't try it out (should have)!  I am not sure what time they left last year.  Hopefully this bite will last another month or so.  Doing a trip like that, since the bite is limited we have time to catch other fish as well.  Good trip to fill the freezer. 

Thanks again.


July 21, 2013
Can't believe July is almost gone.  Been busy too.  Fishing has been good as well.  The lake is doing ok, considering the lack of rain.  We did get a little last week, but didn't help the lake at all.  The heavy stuff stayed West of us.  Was a nice break from the heat though.  We are right at 5' low.  Running up North right now is scary.  Be very careful.  One good thing is the grass is really growing out on the main lake flats.  Most of it is still the milfoil, but I have found a bunch of hydrilla as well.  Let's hope it takes off like before.  

For the next few weeks the sand bass are going to be the story.  Not that we can't catch a few bass, but it is summer time :)  The sandies are schooling all over the lake right now, but they are mainly small fish.  We are still getting limits everyday, but are catching them on slabs.  We should start catching more keepers with the schoolies before long.  The shad are getting much bigger, so the bigger sandies will get in on the schooling.  As far as the black bass.  We are catching decent numbers early on topwaters.  Both pop-r's and spook jr are working well.  Wish that bite would last longer.  After the sun gets up we are switching to mainly plastics, with a few cranks mixed in.  Texas rigged 10" worms and Carolina rigged Salt Flick'rs are working best.  Seems like 12-18 feet of water is holding them the most consistent.  We are catching a few as well flipping the timber.  Some good fish are coming that way.  Looking forward to the first cold fronts of the fall :)

mattrobertsmallie  timbassvergildg7.5tim6.5
June 25th, 2013
Can't believe it is almost July.  Boy this year has flown by.  The lake is in good shape.  We are low though.  Almost 4 1/2 feet.  The good thing is the banks are sure green with growth and it is getting tall too.  The rains we have had haven't raised the lake any, but they have helped.  When the lake does finally come back up, the shallow bite will be really good with all the flooded vegetation.  The grass is really starting to come back on some of the main lake flats too.  That will help the shallow summer bite.  Hopefully by fall it will have matted up in some areas, and we can break out the frogs.  Right now I am still catching some shallow fish around the grass.  Mainly on flukes, and dingers.  The deeper fish we are catching are coming on big worms  Texas rigged and Carolina rigged Gene Larew Salt Flick'rs.  Anything watermelon has been working.  The sand bass are starting to do their summer thing, schooling.  Lots of fun to be had over the next 8 weeks.  We are still catching some on slabs as well, and anytime we have a slab out you may catch a big cat.  We had a 25lb flathead this last week.  Wow!!!

500,000 Pure Florida
On Tuesday June 18th we got 500,000 pure Florida fingerlings in Ray Roberts.  Nice to see!  Should help in a couple years.  Hope a good part of them survive :)

May 29, 2013
Man what a great year we are having on Ray Roberts.  The lake is fishing very well.  It seems to always fish good when we are low.  We are a little over 4 feet low.  Water is pretty clear, despite the winds we have had.  Not only are we catching some really big bass this year, but the crappie seem to be bigger than last year as well.  Most tournaments it is taking close to 30lbs to win, and a lot of time it takes 20lb to get a check.  We have a couple more big tournaments here in the next couple weeks and I don't expect that to change. 

I have had two more double digit fish caught with me, since my last report.  Both Al and Markus got their first double digit bass.  Al got his on a 10" worm Texas rigged and Markus got his on a Gene Larew Salt Flick'r Carolina rigged.  We for the most part now are fishing just post spawn and early summer spots.  We are catching a lot of fish now on Texas rigs, Carolina-rigs, and square bills.  Some mornings we will get a really good topwater bite.  We have been throwing a Rebel Pop-R with a lot of luck.  On the Texas rig we are using big worms and HooDaddy's.  On the Carolina-rig we are using the Salt Flick'r.  It has provided the most success for us. 


We are using a Bobby Garland Slab Slay'r for our crappie trips.  Several different colors have worked.  My favorite is the ghost.  Brush piles and standing timber in 15 - 25 feet of water have worked the best.  While bass fishing one morning I had a first.  A customer caught a crappie on a topwater spook.  First for me.

aaroncrappie bigcrappie

Here are some more of the catches we have had here recent.  A few of these are new personal best as well.  

   7 jeffjohnglarry1larry2mike8photo 33randytricktonyajohn2

April 2013
WOW!!!  The lake has really produced for me this year.  We don't kill them everyday, but I have had so many good days this spring.  The number of big fish being caught is awesome.  The lake being low, the grass growing like crazy, and the stocking we got a couple years ago, are all paying off.  I really hope the lake stays low for a year at least.  Stuff is just now starting to grow on the banks.  It would be nice to see the whole shoreline cover up with new cover for these fish.  So far this year I have had 4 bass over 10lbs in my boat.  1 for me and 3 of my customers.  Plus the number of personal best for my customers has been great.  That is one of the coolest things, when a client gets there personal best.  There are so many different things that have worked this spring.  Lot of the big fish have come on different baits too.  But one did account for two of the DD fish, a  jig.  The baits have changed depending on what kind of weather we had at the time.  The weather has been a roller coaster too.  John and  Brian got their DD fish on jigs, while Kyle caught his on a trap.  Brian's 10 was the first fish of the day.  What a way to start. 

john11 brianddd kyle

Here are a few more pictures of some personal best and great catches we have had the last couple weeks. 

And we are catching the sandies when we have tried for them too :)

photo 12
March 24th, 2013
Ray Roberts has really been fishing good the last two weeks.  Even with the off and on cold it hasn't affected them much at all.  For the most part the water temps are still in the mid 50's.  Last week when we hit 80 we did see some 60's.  We have had a lot of fish in the shallows.  Have heard reports of folks catching some sight fish, but I haven't seen one on a bed yet.  We have been doing well near the backs of the creeks and secondary points.  Grass and timber are a plus.  The lake is still 4 feet low, so be careful out there.  There are also a lot of old fence post that you need to be looking out for.  I have had a good reaction bite going for some time.  Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and traps are working well.  There is also a good flipping bite.  Been throwing a jig and tube quite a bit.  Dark colors have produced the best. 

If you are looking for some sand bass they are still hanging around the main lake humps/ridges.  We got on a mess of them the other day in the mouth of Johnson Branch.  Look for the gulls. 

March 5th, 2013
I can't believe March is already here.  It may be March, but the lake is still very cold.  Water temps are finally back into the very low 50's, after the last couple warm days.  The fish are starting to stage up for their spawn.  Fishing for black bass the last week has been slow, but did have a couple good days.  Once that water gets back up to the mid - upper 50's things will get going.  The best baits have been a XCalibur XCS Square lip crankbait worked shallow along rocky secondary points, with a good drop on them.  We have also been catching some fish on a June Bug Hoodaddy.  Fishing it around the same rocky points and also flipping standing timber near a creek channel. 

The sand bass don't mind the cold however.  They are still biting really good.  They also are starting to stack up on the Northern ridges, even about Wolf Island.  Still using a 1oz slab bounced on the bottom in 32-35 feet of water.  Some days they want the slab worked really slow.  Not moving it much off the bottom.  Keeping close to the bottom is key when they are sluggish.  Watch your electronics for the smallest little rise off the bottom.  They are holding tight. 

2013-03-02rolando ron1stan

February 2013
Well we didn't get the rain this winter I was hoping for.  We are 4 feet low.  Not that it will affect the fishing, but running some of the lake will take a bit longer.  Be careful out there.  There are some big stumps in some of the areas folks like to run. 

The water is still really cold.  Water temps are still in the upper 40's to 50 degrees.  I am still mainly fishing the main lake and some secondary points.  Key is to have some rock and be close to deeper water.  The best baits are an XCalibur XCS 1.5 squarebill and a  XCalibur EEratic Shad Jerkbait.  Best colors have been Firetiger in the squarebill and Deja Voodoo in the jerkbait. 

Had a couple guys from Vermont on Saturday.  Man it was cold.  They both commented they didn't think they would ever be cold in Texas.  Mike did get a nice 4lber on the squarebill. 


The sand bass are still biting really good.  We are catching them on a 1 oz slab.  Still fishing the main lake humps and the hay field.  The best fishing has been in 30 -35 feet of water.  While slabbing Sunday 6 year old Lane caught a 27lb flathead catfish on his own (other than me putting a hand under the rod a couple times to keep him from losing everything).  Oh, and it was on his birthday too.  He is now the Catfish Kid!  Way to go Lane.


I still have a few days left in March and April.  Looking forward to another good spring on Ray Roberts.      

December 2012
Fishing has continued to be good the last few weeks.  Between the catfish on Ray Roberts and the bass fishing on Squaw Creek, I can't complain.  Both have been very good.  The sand bass fishing on Roberts is doing well also.  However the black bass fishing on Roberts has slowed.  For the next couple months if you want to go after the blacks we need to head down the Squaw Creek.  The power plant lake has been great this fall and should continue all winter.  Remember though it is only open to boats on Fri, Sat, and Sun.  So time is limited. 

Alexa had the catch of the month.  She caught a 27lb blue cat with me on Ray Roberts.  This was her first fishing trip ever.  She started off with a bang.  I thought that fish was gonna pull her in the lake.  Craig also caught a really big bass for Squaw Creek, with a 7 pounder.  Way to go guys.  Plenty of other nice fish caught too.


Squaw Creek
Lets just say Squaw Creek is on fire.  It is so weird how that lake is fishing this year.  Two years ago when it finally opened back up it was great.  Then last year it was very tough.  Tough enough that I talked my clients out of going back down there.  Now this fall it has been great.  The numbers of fish we are catching is awesome.  Now we are catching a lot of smaller fish to make up the numbers, but those fat 4 and 5 pound fish are still there too.  David Lundsfurd caught a 6 Friday morning on a Yellow Magic.  Now that is a lot of fun.  We are literally catching 50 - 80 fish a day down there right now.  So if you want some fun bass fishing during the winter this will be our spot.

The lake is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  So days are limited when we can go.  So book early. 

November 19, 2012
Hard to believe another year is almost gone.  There is still some good fishing to be had though.  Ray Roberts is 3 1/2 feet low and the water temps are in the very low 60's.  The water clarity is great.  The fishing has been good so far this month.  The black bass are still biting good shallow and some deeper fish are showing up.  Texas rigged 10" worms in plum or blue fleck are working well.  Still catching some bass on a chatterbait as well.  Starting to catch a few on a suspending rattling rogue.  There are a number of patterns working.  I am working both the backs of the creeks and some main lake structure.  Grass and rock are the two keys.  

If you are looking for some table fair, now is a good time.  The catfish and sand bass are biting very well right now and I don't see that changing for a while. 

October 2012
The lake is in pretty good shape right now.  We are a little low right now at 3'  The water clarity is great.  There is more grass on the lake than we have had in a very long time.  Let's hope it sticks around.  The water temps had dipped into the upper 60's, but with the warm weather this week it is back into the low 70's. 

The black bass fishing has been pretty good.  We have had some really good days when the wind will let us fish where we want to.  For the fall it has been windy.  The fish are starting to move shallow.  Both in the backs of the creeks and on the main lake.  On the main lake rocky points and grass flats are holding plenty of fish.  Shallow running cranks around both will get you bit.  The XCS Square Lip crankbait from XCalibur has been the best.  We have been using both a 1.5 and a 2.5 in Foxy Shad.  We have also been doing well around the grass on a chatterbait and frog.  The frog bite has been hit and miss however.  But you need to try one, cause if they are eating it, you can duplicate it in many places.  So I always at least try.    When we want to slow down we are using pretty much on plastic.  A Green Pumpkin Dinger, both 5 and 6 inch.  You can either fish them weightless or wacky.  I have also been trying a rattle trap, but mainly have been catching dinks.  We must have had a really good spawn, cause there are a ton of little 6 8 inch bass running around. 

The sand bass and crappie are doing great as well.  The crappie are still on the brush piles.  I prefer a jig right now over the minnows.  I haven't seen where color has mattered.  If they are there, they are gonna eat.  On the sandies we are using a 1oz slab and using my Lowrance to find them.  We have done the best around 18-25 feet of water.  You can also watch for the gulls.  If you see the gulls just setting on the water, on the main lake, go check it out.  Those gulls are never very far from their next meal.  They know whats up. 

Now for what I think is just a blast this time of year.  The catfishing.  I know some of you have done it with me and know what I am talking about.  This isn't your grandpa's style of catfishing.  This is bass fishing on steriods!  We are fishing around the birds where they roost and are taking advantage of them chumming the water.  The blue cats in particular love this.  It is an early morning bite so we get started early.  It only last about an hour or hour and a half.  So that leaves plenty of time to go fish for something else. 

Man it is hard to believe it is almost November.  Where does it go.  Reese will be 2 already here in a couple weeks and Ryan is about to graduate.  Wow!



fred  jimjimpphoto 53photo100   ukraine   
September 8th, 2012
Here is a quick report about Roberts.  The lake is in great shape.  The water clarity is outstanding.  The lake is 2 feet low.  The fishing is fixing to get really good for pretty much anything you would want to catch.  This week we caught plenty of sand bass.  They are deeper than normal it seems.  We did best in 42 - 47 feet of water on 1oz slabs.  The blacks are biting as well, but they are mainly dinks.  Split shot rigged flukes worked the best for us.  This cold front today will get that water to start cooling down and look out.  Won't be long and we should have a good frog bite too.

Also keep in mind the catfishing I do during the fall.  As soon as the Comerrants show up it will be on.  Won't be long.  I have seen quite a few of them already this week.  Last year it stayed so warm up there they go here late.  Hopefully they will be on time this year.  By the first of October it should be good. 
July 10, 2012
Been a fun and interesting last couple weeks.  The fishing has been pretty good, to fair.  Just depends on what we are fishing for.  The sand bass fishing has been really good, but not catching them as well on top as we should be.  The schooling action has been hit and miss.  We are making up for it on the slabs though.  We are catching some bigger fish on the slabs too.  When fishing slabs you just never know what you are going to catch.  We catch a lot of catfish when we are bouncing the slabs on the bottom.  We will catch drum, bass, carp and crappie as well.  But I had a customer catch a first the other day.  Steve caught a Timex watch.  Yep, a watch.  You know the old saying about Timex "It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking".  Well this one wasn't :)  Steve also caught a nice blue cat.  Tanner is also pictured here with a 22 pound blue cat we caught on a slab. 

timex stevetanner

The black bass fishing has been hit and miss, as it can be at times during the summer.  Almost all of the bigger fish we are catching now are out in deeper water.  20 - 25 feet of water.  Mainly dragging a big worm, either Texas rigged or Carolina rigged.  Anything plum colored has been working.  We did start to get a few fish on a buzz frog this week, which is a lot of fun.  With the way the grass is on the lake right now, the fall frog bite should be great.  That is my favorite time of year to throw it. 

devane tyler

 Sunday we had a bit of excitement.  We were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.  We had just pulled up on a deep spot, around Wolf Island.  My customers son had just lost a fish on his first cast up there.  It was very calm on Sunday.  The lake was like glass.  Just as we get him rigged back up and in the water.  We hear someone yelling for help.  We look back South to the main lake and see someone standing up in a boat waving theirs arms and yelling help.  We reel up and head that way.  As we start getting closer, we can see the person is bailing water.  It is an older couple and their boat is taking on water fast.  His motor won't start and his batteries are dead, so no bilge pump is working either.  We tie up to them and drag them to the island and get the boat in as shallow of water as we can.  So we all get in the water and push it up on the bank.  My customer checks and sure enough he lost his plug somehow and doesn't have a spare.  So, he rigs up a make shift plug out of a hook remover and the mans wife's sock :)  So now my customer, his  15 and 20 year old sons and I start bailing water from the boat, to get it to float again.  Finally we get it floating enough, where we feel comfortable enough to tow them back to the Jordan park boat ramp.  I am glad we were there, because we barely made it to the island before their boat was under.  I was glad to see they were smart enough to have their life jackets on.  There boat would have sunk for sure and they would have been in the water.  We were all glad to have helped out and gave us all another fishing story :)


June 27th, 2012
Summer is here and it is finally hot.  The fishing has been hot too.  What a great time to get the kids out on the lake.  The sand bass are going nuts out there in the mornings.  They are schooling in a few different places.  They haven't all made their way down around the dam yet.  We are still catching them slabbing as well, once the schooling actions stops.  On the schoolies I still like a Heddon Tiny Torpedo in clear.  Those sandies love that thing and it is a hoot seeing them come up and eat it. 

The black bass fishing hasn't been great, but it hasn't been bad either the last week or so.  They are in their summer pattern for sure.  We are still catching quiet a few fish shallow, but the bigger fish are coming deep.  Big 10 or 12 inch worms have been working best for us in the deep water.  Any kind of plum color.  The topwater fish haven still been hit and miss in the mornings, but we did get on some frog fish yesterday mid-morning.  That is a lot of fun. 

June 1st, 2012
The rains this week has helped raise the lake level a bit.  Not quite to full pool, but really close.  The fishing this week has been really good.  The black bass fishing has been the best.  We are catching good numbers right now, with some big fish mixed in.  Most days we are getting close to 30 fish for the boat.  Most of them are keepers too, which is nice.  The Gene Larew Salt Flick'r has been the go to bait.  Both on a Carolina rig and weightless.  Grass and secondary points has been the key for us.  We have been able to get some on moving baits as well.  The topwater bite just hasn't been very reliable.  Hope it gets better soon.  The sand bass have played hard to get this week.  They are trying to school, but just don't stay up long at all.  We did find a good mess of them one day on bottom, on slabs. 

chugbug jimmy troyfun
May 11th, 2012
The last week has been a weird week of fishing.  I think with the super moon and a cold front right after that, the fish are lost.  This weekend was some tougher fishing for sure.  Still caught some quality fish, just not enough of them.  Saturday and Sunday was two of the more crowded days on the water this year.  I am glad the front cooled things off for us though.  90's in late April and early May is too high.  They are still letting more than normal water out of Roberts.  Not sure.  Sent an email to the Corp, but never got a response.  The grass is in the great shape around the lake and is reaching the surface in a lot of places.  For the most part our better fish have come around grass.  Had a few good bites this week out deeper too, but those haven't been as consistent.  The topwater bite has been hit and miss all week too.  A caroling rigged or split shot rigged fluke and dinger have worked the best.  Watermelon/red and dipping the tail chartruese has been the best color.  The sand bass fishing has been good this week, except one day they couldn't hardly be found.  The crappie are starting to show up on the brush piles pretty heavy. 

May 4th, 2012
Ray Roberts is in great shape.  The water is really cleared up all over the lake, except the back of IDB.  We are actually a little low already.  Just .16 but on our way down.  We need some rain.  Don't want to see the lake drop a bunch again this summer.  The grass is really growing too.  It is getting really close to the surface in a lot of places.  The grass that is out in 10 - 12 feet of water seems to be holding on too.  This is really going to help the lake.  We were worried about loosing it when the water came up 5 feet this spring, but it looks like it is going to make it.  When that grass grows all the way to the bank, hopefully by this fall, the topwater bite should be great then.  Right now we are getting some topwater action in the mornings on a Zell Pop.  Each day is different.  One day we will get 10 - 12 blow ups on it and the next only a couple little ones.  The best bite for me has been a Carolina rigged 5" Watermelon/Red Dinger or a stud fry.  We are still getting bit on a Texas rig as well.  We are mainly using a Texas Rigged Wooly Hawgcraw.  Curtis caught his new personal best of 8lbs 2 oz, pictured below, on the Hawgcraw.  Bud also caught his 6 lbr on the Hawgcraw.  We are still catching a few on a square bill crank.  Bud caught a nice 5lbr on Sexy Shad XCalibur XCS100 the same day. 

April 27th, 2012
Fishing has still been good, but of course we still have a few tougher days here and there.  The lake is in great shape.  The grass is going nuts.  Lot of new grass in the shallow water too.  The grass in 5 - 10 feet of water is close to the surface.  The topwater bite has still been off, for the most part, for me.  Most of our good fish are coming on Carolina rigs, and Texas rigs.  We are still focusing on secondary and main lake points, when the wind will allow.  Mr. Timmerman below is 83 years old and caught this nice spot on his first cast that day.  Him and his son, Sam, also took home a nice limit of sandies.  Sam did also catch a really nice bass below too on a c-rig.  Sam at the bottom did get his new personal best of 9 3/4 pounds.  Way to go Jason.  His dad Jim is in the background and is Mr. Lucky Charm.  Everyone that goes with him catches a big one.  One of these days I will get Jim a big one. 

Thanks everyone for keeping me busy this spring.  


firstcast      sambradbrian2jason
April 21st, 2012
Another cold front.  It seems like it is March not April.  The water temps are 4 degrees cooler now than they were at the end of March.  Crazy!  The fishing this week was a bit tougher, but quality fish.  I am still focusing on wood and grass out of the spawning areas.  Texas rigged brush hogs, Carolina rigged salt flickers, and Xcalibur XCS200 cranks worked best for us.  The sand bass are starting to gang up on Main Lake windy points too.  They were pretty easy to catch this week.  Even two at a time sometimes. 

Harold and his buddy Jim came down from Kansas and fished 4 days with me this week.  Harold worked hard this week and it payed off.  Here is his first 10lbr he has ever caught.  Congrats again Harold.  They also took home a mess of sandies.


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